Rhonda Weppler / Trevor Mahovsky

Convenience / Twilight

In the spirit of events such as Basel’s Fasnacht, we created a corner store in the form of a 300 square-foot lantern. Two thousand smaller lanterns are displayed upon shelves inside, illuminating the store, and representing products ranging from toothpaste to pork goulash. The store gradually darkens, as visitors enter and select free lanterns to carry away. A sentimental version of a closing-out fire sale, this work invites as many questions about the nature of gifts as it does about things that are sold.

Six iterations of Convenience have been shown, at Nuit Blanche, Toronto (2012), curator Christina Ritchie; Flux Night, Atlanta (2013), curator Helena Reckitt; DLectricity, Detroit (2014); Aurora, Dallas (2015), curator Aja Martin; Petite Nuit, Edmonton (2016); and Momentum, Toledo (2019).

Twilight, a small antique store in the form of a surreal lantern lined with hundreds of unique smaller lanterns, has been shown at Georgetown GLOW, Washington, DC (2018–19); Toronto (2020); OpenArt, Örebro, Sweden (2022); and New York City (2023).