Rhonda Weppler / Trevor Mahovsky
Convenience / Twilight

Twilight Antiques & Thrift

acrylic, steel, acetate, tape, and LED lights
10 × 10 × 8 feet
Installation: Georgetown, Washington, DC
Commissioned for Georgetown GLOW 2018

Twilight Antiques & Thrift is a life-scale representation of an antique and thrift store in the form of a lantern. This is the latest edition in a series of such installations that we have integrated into the retail landscapes of many Canadian and American cities. In each case the store-sized lanterns are filled with hundreds of smaller lanterns, representing a cacophony of products stocked inside them, which are given away during a festival event, staged to act out a fantasy scenario in which everything in the world is free. During the event, the implications and effects of advertising, appropriation and the gift play against one another, within a festival context.