Rhonda Weppler / Trevor Mahovsky
Collaborative & Outreach


photographic accordion-folded bookwork
12 × 120 inches, double-sided
ProjectArt, Stone Avenue Library, Brooklyn, NY

Over the course of Rhonda’s ProjectArt residency in Brownsville, Brooklyn in 2018–19, the 85 kids in the program made a number of projects which were digitally combined to create a one foot by ten foot long photo mural. Each participant was photographed in a pose mimicking walking in a parade. These were edited and printed, and the kids then added ‘costumes’ to their portraits by using various collage materials. The costumed portraits were then rephotographed. The cityscape behind the parade reflected their neighborhood environment and was composed of other things the kids had made: watercolor brick patterns, marbleized paper ‘skies’, and toothbrush splatter-painted ‘streets’.