Rhonda Weppler / Trevor Mahovsky

Stacks (blocks)

wood and paint on table of plywood, metal sawhorses
54 × 48 × 96 inches overall

Relatively complete representations of objects that are themselves minimal and monochrome, mechanically stacked into two object still-life arrangements.

Objects represented include: acetaminophen, bologna (stack), boullion cube (beef), boullion cube (beef, wrapped), brick, bubble gum, butter (pat), butter (stick), butter (small block), butter (medium block), caramel, chalk, charcoal, checker (black), checker (red), cheese (travel slice), cheese (small block), cheese (medium block), childern’s block (red/yellow/blue), chocolate (small baking square), conté crayon, cream cheese, ear plug, eraser (kneaded), eraser (white), floral foam, game tile (blank), graphite (stick), gum (small, green), gum (large, yellow), gum (wrapped), hockey puck, lard, magnet (small), magnet (medium), memo pad (small, yellow), memo pad (small, lime/magenta/orange), memo pad (medium, yellow), memo pad (medium lime/magenta/orange), mint (english, pink), mint (English, white), mint (small), paper (ream, lime/magenta/orange), paper (ream, white), plasticine, process cheese (slice), sealing wax, sleeping pill, slug, tile (terracotta)