Rhonda Weppler / Trevor Mahovsky
Clutter sculptures

Don't be sad that it is over, be happy that it ever began

polymerized gypsum, enamel and spray paint on metal and cheesecloth armature
96 × 114 × 9 inches

Though the work depicts many individual things hanging on a wall, the piece is a single object which, rather than hanging on the wall, leans against it, partially propped up by the balloon string and power cord, which serve as supporting legs.

The imagery is applied to the thick substrate with a dusting of spray paint, acting as a substitute for light hitting the objects in a mechanical, literal way. To the bottom left sits a depiction of a mirror, the only part of the otherwise matte piece to have a gloss coating. A yellow circle appears in the mirror, implying a light behind the viewer on the other side of the room.